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Mama Ros’s Sandwich Shop – Bloomfield

homerYour favorite food critic is BACK IN BUSINESS, BABY! Let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s also not dwell on the Activia yogurt I just had for breakfast. Bifidus Regularis – ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite go-to breakfast spots. It’s been a long time coming, Mama Ros’s Sandwich Shop, and I’m sorry I didn’t make this post sooner. 

Image courtesy of "Bloomfield Sandwich Shop" Facebook page

Image courtesy of “Bloomfield Sandwich Shop” Facebook

This is how a lot of people think of the Sandwich Shop. A shining beacon in the dark streets of Bloomfield. A safe harbor for those lost, wayward drunkards. When 2:00am has come and gone, and you just need a place to go because you don’t have an “in” at the after-hours bar. When they say “you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”, they’re telling you to go to Mama Ros’s Sandwich Shop.

But the older I get, the later I ain’t. I’m much more likely to get to Mama Ros’s when it looks a little more like this.

Image courtesy of The Bloomfield Sandwich Shop Facebook

    Image courtesy of “Bloomfield Sandwich Shop” Facebook

Okay, it’s actually much brighter when I get there at 1:00pm. The sun is usually blazing, which makes it feel like it might actually still be morning, so I feel a little bit better about having breakfast food. Plus, the daytime is the only time when you can actually get your food cooked by Mama herself. It makes a big difference.

Image courtesy of "Bloomfield Sandwich Shop" Facebook

                         Image courtesy of “Bloomfield Sandwich Shop” Facebook

I was just at the Sandwich Shop last weekend, but the photo I took of my breakfast didn’t turn out so good. Luckily, I found THIS awesome picture, which just so happens to be what I typically order. Silver dollar pancakes ($2.75), and 2 eggs over-easy with hashbrowns and toasties ($3.25 I think?). Mmmmmmmm MMMMM. Let me tell ya bout my hash browns.

Have you ever tried to make your own hash browns? Didn’t turn out so good, did they? Maybe they did – but they didn’t when I tried it. Apparently they take time and patience to prepare correctly. I don’t know what either of those things are, but I do know that Ros makes some damn good hash browns. Sometimes they can be a little extra greasy…but hey! It’s a greasy spoon!

Mama Ros also makes perfect over-easy eggs, and their toast protocol is better than ever. When I first started going to the shop, they’d bring your toast out way too early; almost as if it was an appetizer. But if you held out until your eggs were ready, the toast was too cold for dippin’! Thankfully, they’ve righted this wrong, and bring the toast out at a reasonable interval. 

And those silver dollar pancakes are just exquisite. Mama really knows her breakfasts. But the night folks have a few tricks up their sleeves! (Not many of them wear anything with sleeves, but you get the idea).

Image courtesy of "Bloomfield Sandwich Shop" Facebook

               Image courtesy of “Bloomfield Sandwich Shop” Facebook

The shop is pretty much Bloomfield’s only option for late-night munchin’, which makes NO sense to me. But hey, I’m fine with this monopoly. Being the only game in town has conditioned the sandwich shoppers well. Their night time food is excellent, even if you’re sober. I usually get the veggie burger and fries – you might want to remind them to cook the fries “well done” if they’re really busy. 

The first time I got the veggie burger, I actually had to ask “Are you sure this isn’t meat?”. Ros laughed and said “Nobody believes they’re veggie burgers!! I swear they are!”. She explained that they buy their veggie patties from…I think Costco? And they’re pretty pricey. She feels bad charging $5.75 for em. I say, “It’s cheaper than a McDonald’s combo meal!”. And it’s actually REAL FOOD!

To you, oh sweet shop, I give an overall rating of 9/10. You only get a “10” if you start putting ice in my water.


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