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Madonna’s – Downtown


Quesadilla, $3.30 & Pinto Beans, $1.49

I love Mexican food.

Okay, let me rephrase that. I love Taco Bell. I love flour tortillas and nacho cheese and refried (and re-hydrated) beans. Unfortunately, with my grave distaste for tomatoes/peppers/cilantro, I tend to have bad luck with real Mexican restaurants. This afternoon I was eating on budgeted time and money, so I stopped in Madonna’s Authentic Mexican on Smithfield St. to see what all the fuss was about.

The owner took my order and begged me to order something more adventurous. I insisted that a plain flour quesadilla and side of Pinto beans was all I needed. It was obvious that I was breaking his heart by ordering something so bland, but he was very sweet and gave me many smiles; possibly to make up for my disconcerting lack of flavor.

The quesadilla was small, but I did order the “chico” size, so I blame myself. It tasted just like my Mexican ex-boyfriend’s mom’s quesadillas – extremely yummy and certainly authentic. The beans were delicious as well.

Based solely on this small lunch, I deem Madonna’s an 8/10 on Pam’s Awesome Scale. Cue the infographic, please:


I swear I’ll get a burrito next time.




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  1. Try the Tinga next time – savory, tangy shredded chicken, it’s by far my favorite thing there.

  2. I also hate cilantro :D/D:

    It’s a shame, though, because I otherwise do like Mexican or Indian food.

    I have taco soup in my slow cooker right now, which is basically all the Mexican ingredients I do like minus all the ingredients I don’t like.

    • oakmontdebutante

      cheese, meat and tortillas 😀

      My hatred of tomatoes (but not ketchup) really hinders my Mexican spectrum of food. NO TOMATES POR FAVOR.


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